Hello from Austin


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Mar 6, 2019
Hey folks, new to the game around here, but coming over from Jeep world. Have a 2005 LJ that was my daily until last week when I picked up a 2009 Silverado 1500 crew cab with 132k. Based in Austin and looking forward to learning more about this truck!

Image 2019-03-06 at 2.53.17 PM (1).png

I've got a couple of questions I'm looking for answers too, so if y'all can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. I'll take advantage of the search and scroll through those results as well.
  1. The tailgate closely securely but rattles. It won't fall open, but if you grab hold of it you can shake it. Any quick fixes for this? Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but it is annoying.
  2. The P.O. put a leveling kit and 33s on the truck, which I think looks great (and still fits in the parking garage at work), but if I wanted to put an actual suspension in it, what are some good options? Google keeps bringing up Rough Country and stuff which my jeep training says to avoid.
  3. Also with the 33s, the truck is a little sluggish off the line and drops down a gear going over hills on the highway. Is this because of the tire size or a factor of the 4.8 engine? Should I think about regearing or is there another workaround?
  4. Anything else I should look into or be on the lookout for?
Feb 26, 2011

1. Tailgate issue, hard to say. There are multiple reasons....mine is the same way. Dont rattle while I drive so Its not on my priority list.

2. Not my area
3. Good chances its that 4.8L
4. Thats more for other members that know that truck style