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For Sale: Fall Guy Replica Truck

You cannot drive this truck to a car show or even down the highway without people giving it praise! EVERYONE remembers the Fall Guy. Stop at a gas station and gets tons of attention. Crowds of people at a car show and thumbs up and horns honking on the highway! This beautiful truck started life […]

For Sale: 1969 C10

Here is a quick sample of what this truck is equipped with… 468 Big Block that is freshly built with less than a few hundred miles, Turbo 400 trans, divorced transfer case, custom drive shafts that are hooked to full fresh built 2.5 ton axles, every single item powder coated even down to the axles. […]

1965 Chevy c-10: Restored by 18 Year Old for $600

This is my 1965 chevy c-10 half ton pickup. Has a 250 I6 with a 3 on the tree, and a single barrel carb that desperatly needs a rebuild. Anyways, have had this truck in the family for 20 years, and my dad gave it to me as a graduation gift just as a beater […]

Urban Assault – Round 2

If you don’t remember, the first round of this V8 powered VW took the interwebs by storm with the daring tactics of driving through the streets. The end result was the driver got tracked down by Johnny Law and spent some time wearing some shiny bracelets. Here’s the first time Urban Assault happened: Did they […]